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Food Intake and Activity Changes

I lost quite a bit of weight eating the way i eat. But, i’ve plateued for a bout a month now. I’m okay with that. I wanted to see if it would work itself out, but it doesnt seem like it is. 

I’ve also realised i’ve been really lazy about making sure i’m getting all my veggies in and getting an assortment of fruit. 

Changes below: 

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Too lazy

I’m way too lazy to log my intake every day. I’ll still do it sometimes though! :D

Basically how i eat: 

  • I eat when i’m hungry
  • I stop when i’m full
  • I don’t buy overly processed foods
  • Meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, and sometimes dairy are what i nom on
  • I am a firm believer in protein
  • Any time i eat carbs, it’s always accompanied by proteins

Why i eat this way:

  • I live on a budget, and processed foods are expensive
  • I used to eat based on calories, but i was always so hungry. Most of those meals are mostly carbs it seems. I went straight to low carb, and felt like crap. So, now i eat mostly fresh things and as much as i want of them as long as my proteins, carbs, and fats are evenly distributed. It’s a blood sugar/insulin thing. :)
  • I don’t count carbs or fats or proteins or calories because i’m way too lazy.
  • I eat a lot more in the mornings. I found that when i eat a big ol breakfast,  im full longer. Plus, who doesn’t love a huge breakfast?! Before i started eating like this, i would eat according to calories and meal plans perfectly all day but then devour the world at night. 
  • I drink a lot of water. My landlord pays my water bill. So, it’s free for me to turn it to pee. 

Any questions about my noms (budget, recipes, favorites, etc.)? Just ask.

Want to know about my weight loss (how much, how long it has taken, etc.)? Just ask. I’ll respond privately. 


June 15th 2012

Sorry ive been slacking about posting these! Stressful times are stressful.

Meal #1

  • Seared Pork loin
  • Apple

Meal #2

  • 2 eggs
  • apple

Meal #3

  • Seared pork loin
  • egg
  • carrots

Meal #4 

  • Tuna 
  • Apple
  • Almonds

Meal #4.5

  • leftover tuna

Meal #5

  • Tilapia
  • green beans

May 15 NOMS

Meal #1:

  • seared porkitypork
  • tabouli
  • vitamin c power pak drank thang

May 14 food intake

Meal #1:

  • 1/2 pork loin (I don’t know the exact amount. I just ate half of my normal portion)
  • 1 over easy egg
  • side of tabouli
  • 8 oz carrot juice

Meal #2:

  • 1/2 pork loin
  • 1 over easy egg
  • side of Tabouli
  • 4-5oz Odawalla greens superfood drank

Meal #3:

  • 1 apple
  • Chickenychicken soup

May 12/13 Food intake

Sleeping schedule still off! Hence, the mixed dates. 

Meal #1: 

  • Seared pork loin
  • Tabouli
  • 1 apple  got full before i could eat it :(

Meal #2: 

  • 1 apple
  • chickenychicken soup (polished this off! Will make more either tonight or tomorrow! :D)

Meal #3:

  • Taboli
  • 2 eggs

Meal #4: 

  • Tabouli
  • 7 oz green Odawalla juice
  • Chickenychicken soup

May 11/12 Food intake

My sleeping schedule is way off, so that’s why it’s a mix of dates up there.

Meal 1: 

  • Chickenychicken soup (trying to finish this off)
  • Apple
  • Carrot juice - 8 oz

Meal 2: 

  • Tabouli (“tasted” while i made it XD )

Meal 3: 

  • Chickenychicken soup
  • Tabouli
  • Carrot juice - 8 oz

Meal 4: 

  • odawalla green superfood drank - 8oz
  • Tabouli

May 10, 2012 Food


  • Cup chickenychicken soup (not sure how much, just ate until i was full.) 
  • 1 green apple
  • 4 oz organic carrot juice
  • Chickenychicken soup
  • 1 gala apple
  • vitamin powerpak with water


  • LOTS of chickenychicken soup
  • 1 apple

Fourth Meal:

  • even more chickenychicken soup (Im beginning to think im addicted!)
  • 1 apple
  • 8 oz carrot juice

Going to start loggin my meals on here :)

I don’t usually eat anything fancy schmancy. I also usually cook for the whole week ahead of time. So, there will be a lot of repeat. However, i want to use this as a tool not only to keep me accountable, but also to keep track of what i eat. 

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